Angi Loth’s Upshoot Story

Angi Loth’s nutrition journey started with juicing. Inspired after watching the film documentaries from internationally acclaimed producer and plant-powered nutrition advocate, Joe Cross, she knew that 5+ daily servings of fruits and veggies could positively impact her health. She had been ill with an autoimmune condition and knew it was time to make a change. So, she started a 20-day juicing fast. 

Add an Order of ‘Easy,’ Please

Fast forward a few weeks to the point when Angi decided that although she loved the benefits of fruits and vegetables, it was challenging for her to keep pace with all the juicing logistics. A wellness coaching gig and a 9-to-5 corporate job took up most of her day. Add that to all the time she spent with her two daughters, 4-year-old grandson and dogs, and she was one very busy on-the-go lady! Angi needed something quick, easy and effective.

It’s why when she saw Joe Cross on Instagram sharing his rewarding experiences with Upshoot’s nutrition programs and Phytopúr products, Angi joined the lifestyle brand’s guided 10-day plant-powered  Reboot program.  

A Glow to Go

The easy-to-follow reset plan based entirely on fruits and veggies ‘rebooted’ Anji’s system in pleasantly powerful ways. She lost 12 pounds on the Reboot, for example, and “had the energy of the Energizer Bunny.” The most frequent compliment she received throughout it: “People told me my skin was glowing!” she says. 

Angi maintained that glow as she transitioned into Upshoot’s Weight Loss program and has now lost 20 pounds in total. 

Before and After

Her favorite aspect of the program? “I don’t have to worry about not following the plan while living a busy lifestyle,” she says. “I can have a hectic day in the office and easily get all my fruits and veggies in for the day, without even having to think much about it.”

She has another favorite benefit.

“I love the Upshoot community—there’s a lot of positive vibes, education and support in all their Facebook groups. I’m learning so much from Stacy Kennedy, Upshoot’s VP of Programs and an expert in nutrition. She answers all my questions!”

Sharing the Plant-Powered Love

Wanting to help others eat better and feel amazing, Angi became an Upshoot Ambassador

“Being in the wellness business all these years and trying to teach people to eat their fruits and veggies, I saw that Upshoot’s Ambassador program was an extension of what I was already doing,” she says. “In fact, Upshoot actually helps people get in their daily 5-to-9 servings much easier and faster. They don’t have to make drastic changes in their life; the different nutrition programs and products can meet them where they are already at.” 

The Plant-Powered Roots of Real Energy

Every day, Angi’s body reminds her of the power of plants, and how Upshoot is delivering that nutrition in a superior way.

“In sharing my story, I want people to know how much their bodies will immediately respond for the better when starting a plant-powered nutrition program,” she says. “It’s not about fake energy from additives or fillers or allergens. It’s about getting real energy powered by plenty of fruits and veggies every day. There’s so many ways that Upshoot can turn the corner for somebody—all that person has to do is take the first step.”