Grace Ahn-Baca’s Upshoot Story

Losing weight while feeling great is difficult for most people. It typically involves time, effort and commitment—and sometimes, more restrictions and less food. Through Upshoot’s Phytopúr line of nutrition products and plant-based programs, however, Grace Ahn-Baca discovered an easy, affordable, fun and sustainable way to lose inches and gain health. 

It Started with Sisters

Grace was first introduced to Upshoot through her older sister, Lourdes Ahn who was just about to start another Reboot—and wanted Grace to join her. It was perfect timing, as Grace had, over the years, put on more and more weight while raising her now adult kids. Of course, she also wanted to support Lourdes who is Upshoot’s CEO. 

Having never participated in a guided nutritional program, Grace, working as a part-time caregiver for a teenager with special needs, wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to a 10-day plant-powered reset… but she was willing to give the Reboot a shot.

Day 1 to Day 10… and a Lot of Numbers Between

On Day 1 of the Reboot, Grace was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to add fruits and veggies to her diet. She could simply follow a guided path and know exactly what and when to drink/eat—and never feel hungry. She had the choice to get creative with her meals. She could prep food two days at a time, which made meal planning a lot easier and more convenient. 

At the end of 10 days, Grace lost 7lbs, but what she really noticed were all the inches lost. Her clothes noticed as well. Her dress size dropped from size 14 to size 8. Her belt tightened 4 holes. She was sleeping better. 

The Weight of Poor Nutrition

After Day 10 of the Reboot, Grace jumped right into Upshoot’s Weight Loss program, not only to maintain her results from the Reboot but to also safely lose even more weight and develop healthier habits. 

Although she’s “very bad at exercising,” Grace did commit to walking a few times a week.

“The fact that I’ve experienced all these benefits with little exercise is mind-blowing,” she says. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, too. It was only after I started getting healthier that I realized that my weight had not only been physically, but mentally dragging me down. I’m much happier now.”

Currently on Upshoot’s Weight Loss program, Grace is daily consuming 3 of the Phytopúr products a day, as well as peppering in lean protein, grains, salads and plenty of fresh fruits & veggies. Her favorite product is the Phytopúr Super Drink (“it’s very refreshing and quenches my thirst!”) and typically brings her Phytopúr Smoothie to work. 

You Are What You Think

Ask Grace to share some advice with those considering whether to start a plant-based diet, and she’ll talk mindset:

“To be successful with this, you have to commit to it. A positive mindset is key. I didn’t focus on what I couldn’t have; instead, I focused on all the stuff I could have. And, when I have my occasional ‘cheat day’ (like eating nachos at the baseball game), I’m not going to beat myself up about it. One off day does not unravel all the hard work that was put into the other days.”

For Grace, preparation is also important. 

“Programs like Reboot or Weight Loss can be easy if you prep in advance,” she says. “During my Reboot, I took a trip to Arizona and brought a cooler with my blender bottle. I stored servings of Phytopúr products in baby formula containers. My family ate what they wanted, and I had what I wanted—and was able to just add water, shake and go.”

Her biggest tip for success:

“When losing weight, don’t focus solely on the numbers. I had one pair of pants that stayed at the end of my bed. Every couple of days I tried them on, and that helped me chart my progress.”

Paying It Forward the Sibling Way

While sharing her story with her family, she discovered she was no longer embarrassed to talk about her weight and physical results. And, she daily checks out Upshoot’s Reboot community Facebook page; the stories of others experiencing benefits from Upshoot’s programs and products provide added inspiration. 

It’s motivated Grace to pay it forward to her two other siblings, who just started the Reboot.

“I started sharing my results with my family because I was really surprised how quickly and how much I was losing inches. There was so much change—it’s been an exciting ride,” says Grace.

She adds: “My brother told me I inspired him. That was pretty cool.”