Sometimes the best weight-loss stories are the non-scale victories. And, Cody Elliott has one inspirational story to tell. 

The young father of two is no stranger to diet programs; he had tried just about everything, from complicated plans, to constant calorie counting, to calorie-cutting diet drinks. Sometimes he lost weight, but most of the time, he found each lacking something: no structured path, no great taste, or no community support and accountability. None was sustainable—and none was as enjoyable as he had hoped. After all, becoming healthier should mean becoming happier, right?! 

Meanwhile, his increasing weight was creating more problems. At over 300 lbs., Cody didn’t want to be ‘that dad’ who sat on the couch while his sons played outside their home in Hope, Arkansas. As both a youth pastor and a janitor, he didn’t want to feel sluggish throughout a hectic day. He didn’t want to be pre-diabetic like he had been two years earlier. He wanted to lose weight. He wanted to become more active. He wanted to look and feel better. 

And, he wanted his wedding ring to fit again. 

The Juicy Backstory

Then one day, Cody watched the award-winning documentary film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which chronicled the 60-day journey of Joe Cross who followed a juice fast to regain his health. 

Motivated, Cody bought a bunch of fruit, leveraged his wife’s juicer and blissfully started juicing. Less than two weeks later, he was over it. “There just had to be something else that works better for me and my lifestyle,” he says. 

So, Cody scrolled Instagram and continually saw the Joe Cross name pop up. It’s then when he discovered the Instagram profile of Upshoot, a healthy lifestyle company whose roots were inspired by the ‘Reboot with Joe’ community stories and whose executive advisor just happens to be Joe Cross himself. 

Cody watched the videos and got fired Up. He knew immediately he had found his new path forward to feeling healthier and happier. 

10 Days at a Time

Cody decided to start with Upshoot’s Reboot Program, an intensive 10-day plant-powered reset plan.

“I selected Reboot because it gave me the program structure I needed,” he says. “I had no discipline with my eating habits, and I’m an all-or-nothing type of person. I saw that it was a program that guided me every day what I should eat, and so I jumped in feet first and followed it 100% for 10 straight days. And I got 100% results.”

There was another compelling reason why Cody fell in love with Upshoot.

“I especially loved how Reboot’s Phytopúr products are both gluten free and dairy free. Because my wife has celiac disease, I have always had to do nutrition and weight-loss programs by myself since a lot of them have some type of gluten or dairy,” he says. “Now, my wife has seen how much I’ve transformed—from the inside out—and she plans to do a Reboot right after Thanksgiving. I’m going to join her so we can help and encourage each other.”

Keen on Green

For any busy working dad, sticking to a healthy lifestyle program can be challenging as bad habits (and fast food drive-thrus!) are around every corner. How did Cody stay focused and on track?

“The products were so delicious, and I had fun being able to customize them with favorite fresh fruits and flavors. Take the Phytopúr Shake, for example. Every morning, I’d mix it up—sometimes with a banana or with some cinnamon or some other ingredient. My second favorite is their Phytopúr Super Drink. Typically, healthy green drinks aren’t my thing, but for some reason, I love this one.”

It was also the support he got along the way that helped Cody sail through the 10 days of Reboot.

“I didn’t stick with some past programs because I felt I didn’t have a good support system,” he says. “This time with Reboot, however, it was a totally different experience. I enjoyed doing this program alongside other people who were posting their daily updates and results. We were all in it together. Also, there were a lot of people on social media sending me messages encouraging me. I asked friends to frequently check in on me and hold me accountable.”

From Reboot to Rebirth

Cody was able to achieve a big weight-loss milestone by getting under 300lbs, but his non-scale wins were just as profound.

“This Reboot enabled me to check all the boxes of what I wanted to achieve: increase my energy, get more active with my kids, and improve my overall health and well-being. I lost 21 pounds! On my Facebook, I recently posted about how I ran my morning mile and set a new personal best.”

Cody’s Reboot Transformation: Decreased Size, Increased Quality of Life

But there was one non-scale victory that Cody holds extra close to his heart.

“After getting married, I gained a bunch of weight, and two years ago, my wedding ring couldn’t fit. It literally made my finger turn purple, so finally I had to stop wearing it—and I hated that.”

If you happen to meet a much slimmer Cody today, ask him to raise his left hand.

“Now it fits! My wife is the love of my life, and I’m so thrilled I get to wear a symbol of our love. It’s a big deal to me and marks a new beginning of a healthier life.”

Fitting great!

“Don’t look for an excuse; look for a reason.”

Cody’s advice to others wanting to transform their life through plant-powered nutrition:

“First, don’t look for an excuse not to follow a program; instead, look for a reason to do it. If you’re always finding a million reasons not to do something, you’re just left with a negative mindset. Find your ‘why.’ Mine was to be a better dad. 

“Second, don’t do it alone. Share your journey on social media so that people can support you. Ask friends and family to hold you accountable by asking the tough questions, like ‘did you eat healthy today’ and if not, then why not? 

“Finally, don’t quit when you slip up. Just because you didn’t eat perfectly one week, don’t think you have to wait until the following week to start again. Reboot isn’t about perfection. I messed up a couple of times the first two days, but I stuck with it, got into my groove, finished strong—and it changed my life more than I ever thought possible.”

The Elliott Family

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Results vary with individual effort and adherence to the program. Consult with your doctor before beginning any nutrition program.