If you’ve ever traveled by airplane, you’ve likely heard the flight attendant instruct you to “put your oxygen mask on first” before helping others. The reason: If you run out of oxygen, you can’t help others breathe. Literally. 

As both a full-time nurse and a full-time mom of two children under the age of 5, Julie Sera knows firsthand the important link between self-care and taking care of others. However, since having her second baby last year, eating well and exercise took a back seat to managing newborn fog and a heavy workload. 

“They always say that nurses are the worst patients because we’re all about giving, giving, giving to the point where we can deplete ourselves,” says Julie. “But I’ve learned that you can’t pour from an empty cup. I was tired all the time and just trying to get through the day. I knew I needed to get back on track with eating, but I needed something that was quick and easy. As a mom who is still nursing my baby, I needed something healthy. And I also needed a routine and motivation.”

That healthy motivation came when Julie saw a post from a friend on social who was making healthy green shakes while on a Reboot

“My friend loved Upshoot’s Phytopúr products and nutrition programs, which piqued my interest. She gave me the info, and I jumped in feet first, started on the Lifestyle program and signed on as a Upshoot Ambassador,” she says. “It was all just something good, something healthy, something positive in my life that I needed right now. I believe that if you have your health, you have everything.”

Already Julie has lost 10 lbs. since last month just by incorporating two of the products a day without having to meal prep. She was able to take that newfound positivity and energy and pay it forward—at home in Boston and in the telemedicine workspace. 

She explains: “It’s only been a couple of months adding in the Upshoot products and already I’m noticing a lot of results. I love how just making little tweaks to my daily routine is creating such a big shift. I don’t have that brain fog anymore. My general achiness is gone. I have more energy. I’m excited to get out and walk with my kids. I’m a more hands-on mom now and roll around on the floor and play with them. Before, I was indulging in sweets and snacks to make it through the day, but I’m so surprised how much the nutrient dense Phytopúr products curb my cravings. I save my Phytopúr Shake for the end of the day because as a meal replacement it fills me up—and it satisfies my sweet tooth.”

The past few weeks have also enabled Julie to be more mindful as a role model to her kids, her patients and fellow nurses. 

“I’m so excited to share my story with others, and how easy it can be to have healthier meals. My main motivation to becoming an Ambassador was helping others believe ‘I can do this too.’ These are such great products that taste great and are so convenient for busy moms. I also saw the opportunity to supplement my income, as it’s hard raising a family especially in these times and figuring out the whole new adventure of working from home.”

Julie’s advice to busy professionals and moms who are wondering how to juggle it all when it comes to life:

“Figure out what your purpose is and embrace your personal health as a priority. When you become a better version of you, you can then take better care of family and others.”