Katia Dicenso is a nurse and devoted mother of three who didn’t want complicated and time-consuming programs when it came to nutrition and weight loss. So, she set out in search of a simple way to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle—and found her voice along the way. 

The Wake-Up Call

With her medical background, Katia already knew the importance of eating right; she also knew that her health was neither mentally nor physically where it needed to be to support work life while also raising three children under eight years of age. The ‘wake-up call’ came two-and-a-half years ago, when she started developing odd symptoms, like weakness in her legs and feet, and heard possible diagnosis acronyms that nobody wants to hear.

“My youngest was only six months old at the time, and all the potential scary diagnoses made me realize how much I was taking my health for granted,” she says. “As a nurse, I’m used to seeing others diagnosed, but flipping the lens to myself took on a whole new meaning.”

Katia knew the time for change had come. She needed to walk a different path.

A Plant-Powered Path

Then a friend introduced Katia to that path forward, and Katia watched the ground-breaking documentary film, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” featuring and created by award-winning producer, Joe Cross: she became hooked on the idea of plant-powered nutrition.  

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Katia started juicing, and stuck with it for six months, twice a day. 

“I loved juicing! I was sleeping great; my skin looked amazing; I had energy; my body felt much better,” she says.

But eventually, the busyness of life got in the way. And as her juicer collected more and more dust, Katia searched for a solution that would better fit her active lifestyle.

“I’m grateful that juicing helped me with my health, but I’m much busier now than I was when I started it. I needed the benefits of all those fruits and veggies—without having to put a lot of work or time into it.”

The minute Katia heard about Upshoot, she saw that she could get all of the plant powered benefits she loved from true servings of fruits and veggies, but in a way that was convenient enough anywhere, any time. And when she heard that the company was inspired by Joe Cross and the movement he created, and that Joe was the company’s Executive Advisor, she knew she had found her solution.

Upshoot Pop-Up Event

“They’re so in line with where I am at my journey today,” she says. “I love the taste of their products; in fact, I’m shocked that my entire family loves them. I’m feeling great! The pounds are coming off, and I’m sleeping great. It’s really helped me maintain a healthy diet AND a healthy lifestyle. And, it’s fun! All the positive feedback I’m getting from the Upshoot community really motivates me.”

Transformation results!

Katia started adding to her daily nutrition regimen with the Phytopúr Super Drink and then eventually added in the Phytopúr Smoothie. She just completed the Reboot program to kick off the new year, a 10-day plant-powered reset and Upshoot’s signature program. 

“I loved the Reboot; in fact, I didn’t want it to end,” she says. “I’m now on Upshoot’s Lifestyle program and plan to do a Reboot every couple of months to reset my body.”

Transforming Others, One Mom at a Time

Katia is so jazzed about the results from the Upshoot’s plant-powered programs and products, she’s helping others benefit from them as well. 

“I love the Network Marketing business model because I could be a full-time mom while earning income promoting something that transforms people,” she says. “I’ve been in the industry for about five years, and I’ve seen over and over again the power of word-of-mouth in terms of making a big impact.”

Katia is already building a devoted team of Ambassadors—some of whom are new to Network Marketing and loving it, and others who have previous experience and are loving Upshoot’s unique, customer-focused approach.  

“There are so many moms in my circle who want to physically get back to who they were before they had kids. For me, being an Upshoot Ambassador is more about inspiring and helping them than about the money. And, working together with them makes this whole experience so much more fun!”

Go Team Katia!

The Power of a Story

Sharing her transformation story was difficult for Katia in the beginning, but has since become one of the most rewarding parts of her journey thus far. 

“Initially, it was really nerve-wracking for me to share my story on social media, but my passion for plant-powered nutrition and Upshoot really pushed me outside of my comfort zone,” she says. “Ever since going public with my story, I’ve received such positive feedback…for the little things. People send me messages all the time thanking me for posting about what I’m experiencing. It reminds me how everybody has a voice that needs to be heard.”

Katia’s story is also being heard by the littlest of ears—those belonging to her children, ages 8, 7 and 3. 

“My kids are a huge reason why I’m so passionate about health! I used to be all about weight loss and how I look, but now, I’m doing all this to improve my health and lead by example. I can’t tell them to eat their fruits and veggies if I’m not doing it myself. I want them to look at me and think, ‘Wow, that’s the ultimate picture of health.’ It’s really about walking my talk.”

The Dicenso Family