The loud noise of a blender typically wouldn’t be Jamie Stidham’s preferred background noise while on a business call first thing in the morning. But, the fact that it’s his mother-in-law, Kay, mixing up a plant-powered shake so she can lose weight and feel great inspires his smile every time.

In fact, Jamie has a lot to smile about these days, ever since he and his wife, Sonya, decided in October 2019 to create a healthier path forward by joining Upshoot and leveraging the nutrition programs and Phytopúr products to change their lives—and Kay’s life too, of course.

We sat down with Jamie and Sonya to talk about the inspiration behind their health journey, favorite products, recent results and how they’re transforming their family’s personal and professional selves. 

How did you first hear about Upshoot?

JAMIE: Sonya’s friend, Sara Reineke who is an Upshoot Ambassador. introduced us to the Phytopúr products, and we tasted and loved them. I’m on the road a lot due to work and was eating a lot of fast food, basically grabbing whatever I could. I needed something that would let me add nutrition to my everyday but that was also easy, convenient and fast. The Phytopúr Soup was one of the biggest things for me; I could just shake with water and go.

Jamie getting healthy on-the-road!

SONYA: Prior to Upshoot I went on a big health kick and lost 45lbs, but then when we moved my mother into our house and changed our lifestyle, all the weight returned. Upshoot came at a time when I wanted to get back into nutrition so that I didn’t have to go to the gym twice a day just to lose weight or maintain it. I also loved the products’ taste—especially the Phytopúr Super Drink!

Sonya, there’s also a very personal reason that contributed to you starting this new health journey. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

SONYA: My previous husband and I were huge into juicing and enjoyed the taste of fresh vegetables (which is why I love the green Super Drink so much!). But then that all eventually fell by the wayside and we experienced the unhealthy weight rollercoaster. Unfortunately, my first husband passed away at only 35 years of age from a heart attack. Years later I watched the “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” documentary film from Joe Cross and cried like a baby. I thought of my first husband and of how his life could have possibly turned out so differently if only he had stayed on the healthier bandwagon.

JAMIE: That was another reason why I decided to change how I ate; I didn’t want Sonya to ever have to go through losing her husband a second time.

As Upshoot Ambassadors, you’re helping others get their daily 5+ servings of fruits and veggies. By the way, congrats on earning your Fast Start Bonus the first month! How has life changed for you these past few months as a husband-wife team building a business together?

JAMIE: I was very excited when I learned we could earn side income just by introducing the products and programs to a bunch of our family and friends. It’s such an easy conversation to have with people—in fact, we signed up our second Ambassador completely by text messaging.

SONYA: There’s a big upside to promoting Upshoot. I work in a medical office full-time, but it’s also great to have a flexible side gig in my free time that has a great mission and lets me help people transform their health.

JAMIE: Also, working alongside Sonya on something we’re passionate about has brought us closer. She’ll come home after a long workday, and then we’ll go into our office where we have side-by-side desks, open our computers, and have planning and review meetings together.

You mentioned results. What are some of the positive changes you’ve experienced thus far?

SONYA: I’m already down 13lbs on the Weight Loss program—and that’s just based on my nutrition, not any exercise!

JAMIE: I started with the Reboot program and lost 10lbs. I also feel better overall and have a lot more energy—Sonya and I just completed a 12-hour shopping spree and weren’t even tired! Also, the convenience and accessibility of it all freed up a lot of my time as I don’t have to stop at restaurants or drive-thrus when I’m on the road; I can take the Phytopúr products anywhere, anytime.  

Let’s talk about your mother-in-law, Kay and how she’s changing her life in a very inspirational way. What’s her health journey been like?

JAMIE: So far, she’s done a couple of Reboots, lost a lot of weight, and we’ve noticed a higher level of confidence and weight loss in her face.  During my morning business calls, I literally hear her every day mixing up her Phytopúr Shakes and Smoothies in the blender. It puts a huge smile on my face because I love seeing her committed to become a healthier version of herself.

SONYA: Before Upshoot, my mom has never really stuck to a diet.  Given that she is disabled and struggles to really exercise, daily nutrition is even more important to her health and quality of life. She’s been really loyal in her use of Reboots and has lost 20 lbs. (and counting!). She is a social butterfly and is already sharing her transformation story with all of her family and friends.

JAMIE: Yeah, Kay is not only using the products but is now selling them!

Meet Kay!

For those people who know they need to add more plant-powered nutrition to their everyday life, but just haven’t done so for whatever reasons, what would tell them? 

SONYA: I want them to think about what their life would look like if they did NOT improve how they eat. For me, that vision is real. When my daughter gets married, she won’t have her dad walking her down the aisle. As a mom, I need to make sure I’m here for a long time and that I’m healthy—and Upshoot is helping me to achieve that.

JAMIE: Think about what it means to other people to have you in their life. I travel about 200 days out of the year and the Reboot has helped me get the 5 servings of vegetables needed to get my body on the right track to become healthy again. I don’t ever want my kids to lose their dad because of his choice not to eat right and be healthy. It’s time to be healthy and doing this through the Upshoot Community is a great way to continue down a healthier life path.

Building a business together 🙂

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