As a noted board-certified nutrition specialist, educator and keynote speaker who has spent more than two decades helping people benefit from nutrition science and behavioral change, Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN, knows a thing or two about pioneering programs that help others take control of their health and wellness. She has collaborated with top industry minds, nutrition experts and medical professionals to reengineer healthy eating experiences and transform lifestyles.

And so, it’s entirely fitting that Stacy is the VP of Program Development for Upshoot, a healthy lifestyle company making plant-powered nutrition accessible to everyone. The company provides simple, adaptable and affordable nutritional programs (Reboot, Weight Loss, Lifestyle) that are rooted in science, patented technology, effectiveness and more than 10,000 transformation stories from the Joe Cross Reboot Community.  

Our Upshoot Community is full of hope because our programs can meet people exactly where they are, deliver results and provide support along the way.

We sat down with Stacy to learn about the behavioral mindset behind these programs, their many benefits and why so many people are making the decision to start a path that unlocks the power of plants.

You were on the ground floor of this plant-powered revolution that is growing fast. Tell us a little bit about your experience and the spark that started Upshoot.

STACY: For over a decade, I had the incredible opportunity to work at ‘Reboot with Joe’ alongside Joe Cross, who most people know as the filmmaker of the award-winning documentary film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. The movie came out in small theaters across the country, and more and more people saw it and were inspired to change their life through the benefits of consuming plants. We started hearing stories from early adopters who were seeing amazing results from juicing and wanted to tell people about their story. So, it really began as a grassroots movement. A lot of community groups sprung up and they shared their transformation stories on social channels—and wanted to learn more. We started “Ask the Nutritionist” (yours truly!) and hosted Q&A sessions after each film and realized that people needed more education and help on a guided Reboot. So, Joe Cross, and the community that grew up around the film and was sharing thousands of transformation stories online, really inspired the roots of what Upshoot is today.   

Speaking of stories, each of them is so uniquely inspiring regarding plant-powered transformations. What is the common thread between them all?

STACY: Two things. First, they all speak the message of hope. Most people who are trying to lose weight, get healthier or just improve their quality of life will face challenges, not just physical ones, but mental and emotional ones. There can be medical bills, financial struggles, confidence issues, for example. They can experience frustration, disappointment, even shame. They’ve often tried a bunch of plans, programs and products, and feel like they’ve failed at the end of the day. Joe Cross’ Reboot program always had a special message of hope that this time it’s going to work—because all the stories showed that it worked for so many others. And now today, our Upshoot Community is full of hope because our programs can meet people exactly where they are, deliver results and provide support along the way.

The second commonality is empowerment. The 10,000 transformation stories weren’t about people getting healthier by themselves; they were about people educating, inspiring and supporting each other to get healthy. It was that empowered feeling that you could take back control of your own health and lifestyle IF you knew what to do, how to do it and had people cheering you on. It’s why at Upshoot we’re leveraging the power of a plant-powered community to fuel our programs and impact others.

Tell us a bit more about the behavioral mindset that went into the development of those programs.

STACY: Mindset is everything. So many people struggle with negative self-talk and lack of confidence, in our diet crazed culture. A lot feel let down by our healthcare system; some providers are uninformed; nutrition education is not altogether there. People are experiencing real pain and suffering, and they don’t always feel like they get the resources or support they need. Some get lost in trying to keep up with the American lifestyle and take a more reactive, instead of proactive approach to their health. In my own experience, I’ve seen so many people focus on avoiding pain and suffering instead of proactively seek happiness and joy.

At Upshoot, we’re trying to shift the narrative to be a more proactive, more empowered approach. The behavioral mindset behind our programs is that when people believe that health transformations, vitality, improved quality of living are possible—and they can clearly see paths that can help them achieve it—they’ll select which path is best for them and walk down it. Those paths evolved into our Reboot, Weight Loss and Lifestyle programs, which anybody can learn and follow while learning more about mindful eating, hunger cues and the incredible value of micronutrients.

We truly care about helping others and have found that true transformation can start just by caring more about yourself and about others—and about the footprint they inevitably leave on this planet.

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