While any day is a perfect Day 1 to start a Reboot, we thought we’d kick off 2020 the plant-powered way with thousands of people nationwide.

Enjoy 10 days of premium nutrition through our nationwide ‘Upshoot Community 10-Day Reboot’ to take place Jan. 8th – Jan. 17th.

As a Community, we believe in daily motivating and supporting each other along the way. So, to help you get maximum results on your Reboot, we asked our expert staff and customers to share some Reboot success tips as well as some favorite Phytopúr product recipes for the ultimate rewarding experience.

Here’s our Top Reboot Tips and Recipes:

Day 1: Get ahead

Optimize how you feel during your Reboot by eating and drinking all day long, like it’s your full-time job! The Reboot is the opposite of most diet programs that focus on restriction and eating as little as possible.  The more often you eat and drink, the better your results will be and the better you will feel.

Action Step: Follow your schedule in the Reboot Guide 😊

Recipe: Coconut-Berry Smoothie

Since you’ll be drinking a lot, mix it Up. You’ll go co-co for this creamy delight that mixes in some raspberries, banana and coconut milk to your Phytopúr Smoothie.

Get the recipe at https://www.upshoot.life/recipe/coconut-berry-smoothie/

Day 2: Go to bed early

One of the best benefits of the Reboot is better sleep. On day 2, it’s time to focus on your schedule.  During the day, you nourish yourself by flooding your body with plant-powered nutrition.  At night, by sleeping 7-9 hours, you allow your body to take those phytonutrients and utilize them for supporting all of your body’s systems. During sleep is when our body resets, now that yours has the right fuel, it can really get to work on healing, repair and optimization. Sleep is one of the best medicines for your immune system. 

Action Step: Get to bed early enough to allow 7-9 hours of sleep

Recipe: Soup for the Soul

To help you get that good night’s sleep, you can relax with a warm bowl of Phytopúr Soup. We hear from our Community if you simply add the mix to Almond milk for some extra thickness and heat up to desired temperature, it really feels like Phytopúr goodness for the soul.

Day 3: Tap into the Upshoot Community

It really does take a village. There’s serious power in numbers and many nutrition programs fail because going it alone simply doesn’t work. By tapping into the Upshoot community, you’ll gain access to positive feelings like hope, humor, connection, and gratitude. Plus, you’ll experience the opportunity to share a sense of purpose and meaning, helping others, and even our planet, get healthy. 

Action Step: Engage with the Upshoot Facebook Group at least once a day – post pictures, tips and experiences with hashtag #UpshootLife; support others with likes and comments. Join the Facebook Group: https://facebook.com/groups/upshootreboot

Recipe: Ban-Cran Shake

Speaking of Community, mix Up your Reboot with this flavorful on-the-go Ban-Cran Shake and then meet Up with friends, Phytopúr in hand.

Get the recipe at: https://www.upshoot.life/recipe/ban-cran-shake/

Day 4: Go for a Walk

Daily movement helps keep us healthy mentally and physically. Aim for a total of at least 30 minutes a day.  This doesn’t have to be consecutive!  Three 10-minute walks spread throughout the day is just as good as one 30-minute walk. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Take the stairs (go for two at a time if you’re ambitious), park further away, get off public transit one stop earlier. 

Action Step: Post a photo of you being active in our Facebook group with hashtag #UpshootLife at https://facebook.com/groups/upshootreboot

Recipe: A Twist of Lemon

One of the best things about the Phytopúr products in your Reboot is that you can just add water and GO! Simply add the recommended serving scoop of the Phytopúr Smoothie or Super Drink, mix with water, add some squirts of lemon (fans LOVE it!), and you’re in for a refreshing tangy treat!

Day 5: Treat Yourself

Self-care isn’t selfish; in fact, self-care is at the heart of all Upshoot programs. Self-care isn’t a luxury, a “nice to have,” or personality defect that makes you greedy or egotistical.  Rather, it’s a “put your own oxygen mask on first,” approach that allows you to be fully charged and able to navigate life’s everyday challenges calmly.  Taking care of yourself, allows you to better care for others in your life. So, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good. Make sure your self-talk is encouraging – the way you would encourage others. Give yourself grace if you ‘slip up’ every now and then.

Action Step: Share one kind thing you’ve done for yourself today with hashtag #UpshootLife at https://facebook.com/groups/upshootreboot

Recipe: Apple Pie Shake

‘Treat’ yourself during your Reboot to a Phytopúr dessert with this delicious Apple Pie Shake.

Get the recipe at https://www.upshoot.life/recipe/apple-pie-shake/

Day 6: Try New Things

There are endless ways to customize your amazing Phytopúr products throughout your Reboot.  You can boost flavor, phytonutrients, change texture or even color by adding in different fruits, veggies and spices.  Try some of these fan favorites from our Upshoot Community

Recipe Experimentation Ideas

  • Add warming spices to your Super Dink on a cold day, like ginger, cardamom, turmeric or black pepper
  • Try your Soup cold on a warm day
  • Blend in veggies like frozen beets or cauliflower to your Smoothie
  • Add dried/ground cinnamon or ginger to your Shake to spice it up

Action Step: Share one of your unique creations with hashtag #UpshootLife at https://facebook.com/groups/upshootreboot

Day 7: Work Smarter, Not Harder

By now you’re so far into your Reboot, that your tastes have shifted toward craving veggies. But let’s not kid ourselves: Sweets, baked goods, alcohol and other indulgences are everywhere, and the more we expose ourselves to them, the more we crave them – it’s simply human nature.  Willpower is like a muscle.  If you overwork it, it gets tired, then you cave and indulge.  Keep your mind-muscles happy by resting them properly between work. Control what you choose to expose yourself to, as a way of controlling any lingering temptations or cravings. 

Action Step: Share one way you’ve resisted temptation by posting in the Facebook group with hashtag #UpshootLife at https://facebook.com/groups/upshootreboot

Recipe: Green Goodness Juice

Here’s a smart (and SUPER!) way to quickly and easily get your greens through your Phytopúr Super Drink on Day 7 of Reboot.

Get the recipe at https://www.upshoot.life/recipe/green-goodness-juice/

Day 8: Manage Your Mind

Mindful eating is a technique that can help you gain control of food choices, boost your enjoyment of eating, let you easily make wise choices, organically manage portions and connect you to your body’s internal cues. Incorporating meditation into your routine can be an effective way to unlock your power and help remove the “auto-pilot” aspect of snacking. There are many ways to be more mindful and tap into our body’s natural stress reducing potential. In addition to meditation, walking, tai chi, yoga, caring for your garden, pets, or a house plant, have all been shown to benefit our immune system and mood. 

Recipe: Red-Green Superfood Smoothie

This Phytopúr Smoothie recipe will have you feeling ‘berry good’ on Day 8 of your 10-Day Reboot.

Get the recipe at https://www.upshoot.life/recipe/red-green-superfood-smoothie/

Day 9: Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking enough water is a way to maximize how you look and feel. We are at least 70% water and we require hydration for so many things, like: metabolism, energy, skin, stable blood sugar levels, healthy blood pressure. You’re certainly drinking more than you’re probably used to by now with your amazing Phytopúr products, but we recommend getting at least 32 oz or 1 liter of water in addition to your 4 Phytopúr beverage products 

Action step: Drink at least four 8-oz glasses of water today!

Recipe: Beet-Red Smoothie

You’ll love adding 14 oz. of water along with cranberries and beets to this Beet-Red Phytopúr Smoothie. It’s like antioxidants on overload; try to beat that!

Get the recipe at https://www.upshoot.life/recipe/beet-red-smoothie/

Day 10: Celebrate Non-Scale Victories

Congrats on completing your Reboot 10-Day program! It’s time to recognize your hard work! Food is far too often the reward and it’s not usually more veggies! Rather than undo the benefits of your Reboot, reward yourself in a way that lets you keep going with all the wonderful healthy benefits you’ve been creating these past 10 days.

Some ideas to help celebrate:

  • Share the good news! Post anything to show your success like before-and-after results, why you’re looking and feeling better, or anything you’ve learned along the way, on your Social Media and/or in our Facebook group with hashtag #UpshootLife at https://facebook.com/groups/upshootreboot.  Note that this doesn’t have to be a photo of you posing in front of the mirror – it can be anything that shows progress! For example, an old dress or a wedding ring fitting again, or even just a healthy shake or delicious plant-based meal you’re proud to have made for yourself.
  • Take yourself on a date to a museum or a show. Treat yourself to a massage or a facial. Play a round of golf or go for a bike ride. Book a day for yourself to do all your favorite things. 
  • Have a good Reboot success story you want to share with the world? Email us at stories@upshoot.life and we’ll reach out to help you tell your story.
  • Maintain those amazing Reboot results and continue benefiting from a structured plant-powered program by signing up for our Weight Loss or Lifestyle programs.